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Yearly, the Military Spouses of Newport organization gives $5,000 - $10,000 in charitable donations to non-profit organizations directly benefiting military families, with the average grant being $500 - $1,000. Organizations should apply for funding for their most critical needs, whether support is being requested for continuing existing and exceptional programs, or undertaking new or expanded programs.

Charitable donations are disbursed twice a year: early fall and late spring.  Postmark deadlines are October 1st and April 1st each calendar year.

Funding will not typically be made for the following purposes: fund-raising campaigns, re-granting of funds in an organization’s own name, or programs for religious purposes. Requests must be for an organization and not a person(s).

Please read over the application criteria and instructions to see if your organization is eligible to apply for funding. 

All applications should be clear and concise, show amount of military involvement, provide financial documentation to support need, be signed by the proper authority, typed and completed in full in order to be considered for funds.

If you're uncertain of eligibility, you may inquire by sending an email to: milspousenewport.charities@gmail.com 

MSoN Charitable Application Below

Military Spouses of Newport Charitable Donation Application

Please send the completed application to:

Military Spouses of Newport

ATTN: Charities

PO Box 5115

Newport, RI 02841


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