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The Military Spouses of Newport Club officially was formed June 1, 1999 as a result of combining two Newport-area spouse organizations: The Naval War College Spouse Organization, NWCSO, and the Newport Naval Officers’ Spouses’ Club, NNOSC. The two clubs shared a history of combined efforts in fundraising, awarding of scholarships and liaison with the Festival of Trees event. A committee composed of members from both the NWCSO and NNOSC recommended the combining of both clubs into an organization to be named the Newport Officers’ Spouses’ Club, NOSC, effective the summer of 1999. The name was then changed to Military Spouses of Newport, effective September 2013, to better reflect the inclusive nature of our organization. A vote was taken by the membership of both clubs and the recommendation was ratified. In addition, a new constitution and new by-laws were written and approved by the membership.

The Military Spouses of Newport, is an informal association of the spouses of military and civilian employees assigned to Newport-area commands. Military Spouses of Newport strives to provide a club that fosters understanding and fellowship among members and spouses, advances the concept of unity of purpose of all club members and spouses, and encourages and promotes educational, cultural, social and recreational activities among its members. Military Spouses of Newport engages in a variety of fundraising activities to generate monies for charitable causes and scholarships awarded through our Scholarship Committee.

Military Spouses of Newport operates The Ship's Bell; formerly known as Davey Jones Locker. It has been in operation at the Naval War College for over 35 years and is solely staffed by volunteers from Military Spouses of Newport. All proceeds from the store support local Community Aid, Military Programs and our Scholarships for graduating high school seniors, dependents and military spouses of local military members.

General membership is open to all spouses of all armed forces, active duty or retired, including the Coast Guard and reservists who are full-time active duty, widows and widowers of such military personnel and spouses of civilians, GS-7 and above.



The Charities Committee is responsible for selecting charities on a quarterly basis to receive contributions from Military Spouses of Newport.  The Committee also coordinates community service and volunteer opportunities at various times throughout the year.

The Scholarships Committee collects applications and distributes our scholarship fund each year to graduating high school seniors and/ or spouses of local military members.

Charities Committee Chair: Jessica Mathis

Scholarships Committee Chair: Courtney Halvorsen 


The Hospitality Committee greets new members at Club functions and informs them of Club news and upcoming events.  Additionally, the committee plans and executes the annual Welcome Socials, in coordination with the Membership Committee.

Committee Chair: Vacant 


Committee Chair: Anna Davis


The committee is tasked with overseeing (f.k.a. - Meals for New Moms) Support Meals for Families, providing support for grieving families and those undergoing surgery.  

Committee Chair:  Courtney Hendrickson

Volunteers always needed!


The Membership Committee maintains the current list of members and recruits new members throughout the year through advertisement and recruitment events such as the Welcome Socials.  Committee members also serve as liaisons between the general Membership and the Governing Board.

Committee Chair: Rhonda Howard

THE PINK BOOK (“Off the Record”)

The Pink Book Chair collects and compiles recommendations from Military Spouses of Newport members throughout the year for inclusion in the annual updated publication of “Off the Record” or the Pink Book. The Chair oversees the committee that updates the Pink Book annually and acts as Editor.

Committee Chair: Heidi Taylor


The Publicity Chair's main purpose is to create awareness about the Military Spouses of Newport and The Ship’s Bell by promoting informational events as well as scholarships, charities and fundraising events to the military public. The position can include creating or overseeing of Military Spouses of Newport newsletters, calendar of events, marketing pieces and updating the Military Spouses of Newport website and social media pages. Communication with The Naval War College (NWC) and NAVSTA Newport PAOs in regards to upcoming Military Spouses of Newport events is also required. If needed, the Chair contacts local media with press releases on Military Spouses of Newport events or charity drives. Other duties include attending NWC new student orientations and Military Spouses of Newport monthly Board meetings. No prior web experience needed. Must love engaging people.


Committee Chair:  Vacant


The Newsletter Committee is responsible for creating and distributing the monthly and/or quarterly Military Spouses of Newport Newsletter.

The Website Committee is responsible for updating and enhancing Military Spouses of Newport 's webpages, including the calendar of events and Military Spouses of Newport 's social media pages.

Newsletter Chair:  Wendy Morgan

Website Chair: Wendy Morgan


The Socials Committee plans and executes monthly Social Events for the Membership, plans monthly General Membership meetings, as well as additional casual social functions throughout the year for members and families.

Committee Chair: Vacant


The Ship's Bell is the Military Spouses of Newport store located in the Naval War College, the proceeds of which are used to provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors of local Service Members.  Committee members may serve as volunteers in the store and/or help with selection, purchasing and maintenance of inventory. 

Committee Chair:  Mykel Lockwood

Committee Co-Chair: Heidi Taylor

Volunteers are always needed to help run the Ship's Bell!


Elena Bonilla

Carolyn Hislop



Mrs. Cindy Harley
Mrs. Amy Johnson
Mrs. Pamela Martin

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