Welcome to the Military Spouses of Newport website.  We are a non-profit group that strives to promote friendship, cooperation and support among members through a range of cultural, charitable, social, and recreational activities. 

Membership is open to all spouses of all members of the U.S Armed Forces  associated with Newport Naval Station, as well as spouses of International Student Officers, spouses of deceased officers and civilian spouses GS-7 and above associated with Newport Naval Station. 

Military Spouses of Newport operates The Ship's Bell, a gift shop at the Naval War College, where you can find a wide range of NWC embroidered logo items and other great gift ideas.

In addition, Military Spouses of Newport is a referral source for numerous special interest groups including Meals for Moms, Book Club, Knitting Group, Playgroup, Mah Jong and more. 

Upcoming events

26 Mar 2015 6:30 PM • The White Horse Inn, 26 Marlborough Street Newport, RI 02840
27 Mar 2015 11:30 AM • Diego's, 11 Bowen's Wharf, Newport, RI 02840
08 Apr 2015 5:30 PM • TBD
14 Apr 2015 6:30 PM • Surface Warfare Officers' School/Memorial Hall
13 May 2015 5:30 PM • TBD

As a non-profit and transient group we are actively seeking volunteers for various committees, chairs as well as board members. If you are looking to help other spouses much like yourselves  please contact the President for available positions or follow the volunteer link. Thank you!                                           


A special thank you goes out from the Middletown Prevention Coalition to the service members and their families.

To all of our Middletown Military Families,

The month of November is widely recognizedas a time to celebrate our military veterans and the Thanksgiving holiday, but it is also a time to honor an often-unrecognized contingent of men and women who serve our nation in a quiet, but persistent way: our military families.

As we celebrate Military Family Appreciation month – a national campaign, ordered by the President of the United States, to salute the ways in which our active military members and their families serve their communities and sacrifice for our collective freedoms –I can’t help but reflect on my own family’s journey to Middletown when my husband, a Navy Commander, was assigned to the Naval War College in 2005.As military families, we lend a unique perspective to the communities we call home. We are a passionate group, strong under extraordinary circumstances and always willing to lend a hand wherever it is needed.

Though Military Family Appreciation Month is officially recognized for just one month each year, we at the Middletown Prevention Coalition (MPC) would like to express our thanks at this time of Thanksgiving for the military families that strengthen the fabric of our community in countless ways throughout the year.

With a mission to create a safe, healthy and drug-free Middletown, the MPC enjoys strong military representation among our volunteer corps. We appreciate the knowledge and diverse experiences our military community members bring to the work we do, and we hope to do all that we can to support you during your time in Middletown, be it temporary or permanent. We welcome your participation at our monthly meetings and at our many events throughout the year, from the Military Family Welcome Ice Cream Social and Family Day to our upcoming Community Forum and parent information sessions.

We also invite your children to participate in our mission via our youth engagement initiatives. Both the Gaudet Middle School and Middletown High School have student-led PUSH (Peer Union for Safety and Health) committees that serve to educate and support their peers in making healthy choices and avoiding risky behaviors. The PUSH students are key contributors to the MPC mission and communicate our healthy living message to their classmates at school and special events.

Research shows that as parents, we are still the primary influence on our children’s attitudes toward drugs and alcohol. Staying informed, speaking openly and honestly with your children about making healthy choices and dedicating focused time to keeping connected with your kids are proven ways to prevent risky behaviors. Our support and resources are available to you, and we welcome you to join our efforts.

Yours in Thanksgiving,

Meg Barrett

Chairperson, Middletown Prevention Coalition


Military Spouses of Newport ●  P.O. Box 5115 ●  Newport, RI 02841 

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